Untuk kategori Computing, terdapat 5 modul fischertechnik yang termasuk di dalamnya. Produk ini dapat digunakan oleh anak-anak mulai dari usia 10 tahun. Tapi jangan salah. Produk ini juga dapat digunakan oleh teman-teman dari SMP, SMA, bahkan teman-teman dari bangku kuliah pun dapat menggunakan. Nah, apa sih computing itu? Mari kita baca bersama..

“Design machines and robot models, program the control software on the PC and put the entire thing in motion. What sounds so complicated and technical becomes a fascinating and creative game with computing and this doesn’t apply to technically enthusiastic kids. You need a commercially available PC with a Windows operating system, Win 98 or later, the easy-to-use graphic fischertechnik software, “ROBO Pro”, to program the commands that the robot is to carry out. In addition, the “ROBO interface”, which converts the computer commands into control signals for the motors.”

Apa-apa saja sih modul fischertechnik yang ada di kategori ini? Nah, silahkan para pembaca.. Teruskan bacaan kalian ke bawah ini..

Robo Starter

Robo Starter

The complete beginner package: 150 components for eight simple-to-build models such as a traffic light, barrier, heating control or hand dryer. The Robo I/O Extension as a passive interface to the PC, the software, ROBO Pro, and in addition the detailed programming book, which explains the graphic software in a simple and understandable manner. [150 components and 8 models]

  • Includes the instructional activity booklet “Programming and Control of fischertechnik Models with the PC”,
  • Includes “ROBO I/O Extension” as an interface for USB
  • Includes control software “ROBO Pro”
  • Includes “Mini Motor”, three sensing devices, one phototransistor and one NTC resistance for measuring temperatures and three light bulbs.
  • Requires Energy Set or Accu Set
Robo Mobile Set

Robo Mobile Set

The complete Profi package, which consists of 480 components for the building of eight mobile robot models, the programable “ROBO Interface” and the “ROBO Pro Software”. The instructions explain the construction of the seven mobile robots with all-round edge recognition or obstacle recognition and the mobile robot with six legs. The robot with light detector continually follows a moving light source and the model, “trail searcher”, follows a black line. In addition, the light detector can be combined with obstacle recognition. The mobile robots moves like an insect and can move forwards, backwards, and right and left. [480 components and 8 models]

  • Includes the instructional activity booklet “Programming and Control of fischertechnik Robots with the PC”
  • Includes the ROBO Interface
  • Includes control software, ROBO Pro,
  • Includes 2x Power Motor, 4 sensors, 2 phototransistors, 1 lens light bulb.
  • Requires Accu Set
  • Ideal Addition is ROBO RF Data Link.
Industry Robot II

Industry Robot II

Three reality-based and fully functional industry robots with precise details: triple-axis industry robot and two welding robots. [360 components and 3 models]

  • Includes the instructional activity booklet “Programming and Control of Fischertechnik Robots with the PC”
  • Includes “Power Motor”, 3x “Mini Motor”, 8 sensors and ball plug-in light.
  • Additionally required is ROBO interface + ROBO pro software, Energy Set or Accu Set.
Robo Pneuvac

Robo Pneuvac

The themes, pneumatics and vacuum technology, are illustrated with the aid of four models. The electromagnetic valves, which are included, allow the control of the models with a PC. [350 components and 4 models]

  • Includes vacuum suction apparatus, three pneumatic cylinders, compressor, two lights, two phototransistors, optical color sensor, conveyor belt and 2x “mini motor”.
  • Additionally required is ROBO interface, ROBO pro software, Energy Set or Accu Set.
  • Ideal addition: ROBO I/O-Extension and ROBO RF Data Link.
Robo explorer

Robo explorer

Explore unknown areas, measure distances, follow tracks, show driving directions by means of blinking signals, recognize colors, measure temperatures, avoid obstacles without touching them, recognize day and night, turn headlights on and off automatically and trigger an alarm etc. The ROBO explorer sensors can do all of this and lots more: The NTC resistor, the photoresistor, the new ultrasonic distance sensor, the infrared and color sensor and the specially developed track sensor. Thanks to two power motors and the crawler drive even almost impassable terrain can be explored and traveled on. With the rescue robot, which is contained as a model, the construction set provides the ideal basis for participation in the Robocup. [420 components and 6 models]

  • Includes 2x “Power Motor”, 2 sensors, 3 lights, buzzer, NTC resistor, photoresistor, ultrasonic distance sensor, color sensor and track sensor.
  • Additionally required is ROBO interface, ROBO Pro Software, Accu Set.
  • Ideal addition: RF Data Link.

Nah, sekian pembahasan kategori Computing.. Bagaimana, buat kalian yang membaca semua kategori kami, pasti berminat kan, entah untuk mencoba, memiliki, atau menggunakannya.. Eh iya kelupaan, jangan lewatkan yah page yang membahas tentang Plus suppemental items..

Bagaimana kalo teman-teman pembaca yang baik hati dan budiman ini meneruskan penelesurannya ke page “Robotic’s Club”.. Dijamin,, teman-teman akan menemukan sesuatu yang baru tempat kalian bisa berinovasi..


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