Nah, untuk produk profi ini, dapat digunakan untuk mereka yang berusia mulai dari 9 tahun. Tapi jangan salah, produk ini juga dapat digunakan oleh anak SMP bahkan SMA, karena memiliki banyak aplikasi yang bersesuaian dengan kehidupan sehari-hari. Mau tau aplikasi apa saja yang ada dalam produk Fischertechnik kategori Profi?? [mauuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..]

Apa sih Profi itu? Berikut gambarannya..

“ Jump into the car, put it in gear and get going. But how does the technology work that allows us to use a low gear to go, slowly, but easily up a mountain or to fly down the mountain in a high gear? How does a kitchen appliance or a planetary gear work? Why don’t bridges collapse and why does a wobbly table become stable with four cross struts. These and other questions are answered in detail in the Profi line. “

Da Vinci Machine

Da Vinci Machine

This construction set combines several mechanical models, whose origin goes back to designs from Leonardo da Vinci: printing press, file cutting machine, pivoting bridge, odometer, and chariot. An activity booklet with numerous illustrations and descriptions for the original designs from Leonardo da Vinci provides information, which is worth learning. History you can touch! [280 components and 10 models]

Includes the didactic activity booklet “Machines from Leonardo da Vinci”.

Mechanic + Static

Mechanic + Static

The ultimate technology construction set for all future mechanical engineers, technicians and engineers: How does a gear box work? What is a planetary gear? How is the movement of a windshield wiper produced? How do you design a stable bridge? The answer to these and other elementary questions from the subject areas of mechanics and statics are found in this construction set with 30 different models. [500 components and 30 models]

Includes the didactic activity booklet “Mechanic + Static”, “Mini Motor”, switch, and battery holder.

Oeco Power

Oeco Power

“Renewable energies” will become our most important source of energy in the future. The production, storage and use of energy from natural energy sources such as water, wind and the sun are illustrated using eight models and numerous experiments. This is the way to create an understanding of the future energy forms. [190 components and 8 models]

Includes solar motor, 2 solar cells and a Gold Cap energy storage unit, also the instructional activity booklet “Renewable Energies”.

Pneumatic II

Pneumatic II

The Profi Pneumatic II provides playful learning of the basics of this “airy” technology and shows, using numerous application examples, the way that pneumatic valves and cylinders work in connection with a compressor and an air cell. It contains four double-acting pneumatic cylinders, three 4/3 way hand valves and one electrically operated compressor with air cell. [400 components and 8 models]

Includes the instructional activity booklet “Pneumatics: Create Movement with Compressed Air”, compressor with “Mini Motor”, switch and battery holder.



Electrical circuits, electromechanics and electronic controls. Using functional models, for example, the principle of series and parallel connections and the control of a traffic light are explained step by step. For this purpose, the E-Tec module with eight set programs that control, for example, a burglar alarm with a buzzer, a hand dryer with a light barrier or a garage door with a magnetic sensor and these devices are controlled through three inputs for digital sensors such as probe, phototransistor and reed contact and an output for a motor or two indicator lights. [260 components and 12 models].

Includes Mini motor, E-Tec module, sensor, light barrier, magnetic sensor and buzzer, also the instructional activity booklet “Electrical Technology”.

Nah, demikianlah penjelasan untuk kategori Profi… Mudah-mudahan para pembaca budiman tertarik akan produk kami.

Atau, mau tau tentang produk kami yang lebih canggih lagi,, saksikan kelanjutannya.. To be continued in Computing page..


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